Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bubur Lambuk

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Mamanags: Bubur means porridge in Malay. Lambuk...hmmm...I got to look that one up. Anyway have a look at the picture. This is not a recipe where you need exact measurements. You kind of go with the flow and have in your head the picture when you're making it. For creaminess, I add about 2 tbsp of santan (coconut cream) - don't overdo the coconut cream though. You just want a hint of it. For me sometimes I don't add Kurma powder, and I don't definitely add kerisik (don't know what it is).

Shallots ~ pounded
Garlic ~ pounded
Ginger (just a bit) ~ pounded
Kurma powder
fried grated coconut (kerisik)
Salt to taste
Carrots ~ diced
Potato ~ cleaned and diced
Enough water

To garnish (optional):
Spring onions ~ chopped
Crispy fried onions

Method :

1. Heat oil and add in the pounded ingredients. Fry till fragrant.
2. Add in the kurma powder and fried grated coconut (kerisik). Stir well.
3. Wash rice and put enough water like how you prepare porridge.
4. Pour (2) into (3) and stir to mix.
5. Let it boil and add in the diced carrot and potato and leave to cook.
6. Before serving, garnish with spring onions and crisp fried onion/shallots.

Note from mamafami:

1. I added green beans cut to small pieces just for the color.
2. Before removing the pot from heat, I heat up a little bit of oil and add in some sliced onion. Fry till fragrant and golden brown, then pour all of them into the porridge and stir to mix. My mom said, this method is called tumis darat.


Zarina said...

you get kerisik when you dry fry shredded coconut in a pan under very low heat until it becomes light brown. While its warm you blend it so that it becomes fine. That's kerisik :)

Mamanags said...

Thanks Zarina for your very clear explanation of kerisik. After reading your comment the light bulb in my head just lighted up. I must try it out with my bubur lambuk next time.