Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Source Code (2011) Review

This movie is about how a man (Capt Colter Stevens) gets into the last 8 minutes' consciousness of a teacher who died in a train explosion... again and again. His mission is to find out who the bomber is and get more info in order to prevent a another catastrophic bomb attack in Chicago. So he goes back into the teacher's last 8 minutes concsiousness several times until he could find the bomber. Sounds like what Marty McFly did in 'Back to the Future'. But in 'Back to the Future', Marty was given one chance to change the past in order to change the future. Here poor Capt Stevens has to go in several times and at the end of the 8 minutes, had to be annihilated again and again, until that one last time...

Okay, so all that change-the-past-in-order-to-change-the-future is pretty run of the mill kind of story. But what sets this movie apart from the rest is the little neat and nifty twist in the plot towards the end (that one last time...)

So is there a happy ending? Well, it depends on which reality you're looking at.

This movie is a great and entertaining introduction to the concept of parallel universe. Enjoy. I did.

If you do get a bit lost on the plot, click here for a very good synopsis.

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