Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moon (2009) Review

This sci-fi movie is about a man named Sam Bell staying on the moon where he is employed by Lunar Industries to harvest and send back to earth some source of energy 'cos we humans were running out of energy on earth.

At the beginning we see Sam's mundane life on moon and how he longs to go back to earth to his wife and kid. As his 3 year long contract on the moon comes to an end, Sam's mental and physical faculties start taking a nosedive and that is when he (and the viewers) comes face to face with the truth.

Due to the slow baby steps pace of the opening, your logical mind ticks, "this is boring..." I mean what juicy story can you churn out about a single human being on the moon, right?

But as the story unfolds the intrigue and mystery glue you to the screen. And pretty soon, you find your jaw dropped open and a pool of half dried saliva on your lap.

The Cons
Throughout the movie, Sam's body was weakening with teeth dropping off, easily getting bruised, etc. After a while I felt like my own teeth were gonna drop off too.

The Pros
Nice and cool deco! The moonbase where Sam lives in, is cool and white and oh so clean. I wonder who does the cleaning. Sam or Gerty, Sam's intelligent computer companion on the moon.

A nice piece of brilliant story telling and directing. I mean how many movies do you come across that make you feel slightly bored and extremely intrigued at the same time? I like.

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